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What is the Average Cost of Homes in Hawaii?


For most purposes the City & County of Honolulu is defined as the Island of Oahu. It is the center or business and government for the State of Hawaii. It is the smallest of the four counties in geographical size, but has about 75% of the state's population. Downtown Honolulu is Hawaii's financial center. Waikiki , the world-famous tourist destination, is only a few miles away.

Total land area  on Oahu is 403,154 acres (597.1 sq. miles). 67.9% of the Island is privately owned (273,590 acres). 24% of the privately owned land is in the hands of of 7 large trusts and organizations. Bishop Estate alone owns 336,372 acres.

The State of Hawaii owns 17.2% of the total land on Oahu (69,541 acres), the Federal Government controls 12.1% (48,861 acres), The City & County of Honolulu 2.8% (11,162 acres).

There are 288,805 housing units on the Island, 123,082 units of which are owner occupied (1992). There were 165,723 units renter-occupied or vacant in the same year. The average monthly rent was $1040.

Family housing budget in Honolulu is about 29% above the urban average on the U.S. Mainland (U.S. Bureau of labor).

Here are the Median Sales Prices in Hawaii

2nd Quarter of 1999 by Area

oahu-tr.gif (80735 bytes)

Median Sales Price for all the Island of Oahu in Q2: 1999 was $289,500 for single family homes and $122,000 for condominiums (Honolulu Board or Realtors). The above map shows the Median Sales Price for homes on the Island of Oahu by area as reported by the Honolulu Board of Realtors. It is important to know the meaning of Median: It is a mathematical term which describes the Midpoint of a series of numbers sorted in order. It is the number in the Middle of the series so that Half of the numbers are less than the Median and half are above. For example if five homes were sold for the following prices: $100,000, $100,000, $200,000, $700,00 and $900,000. The Median Sales Price is the one in the middle which is $200,000. The average price will be $400,000. The Median Sales Price (MSP) is always used when reporting sales prices.

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