Hawaiian Culture

Hawaii Culture

Hawaiian Cultural Preservation

Learn to Speak Hawaiian --- Learn Hawaiian --- More Hawaiian

Hawaiian Canoes - More Hawaiian Canoes
A story of canoes and canoe makers from old Hawaii.

Hawaii's Flower Leis
Take a look at the tradition and materials of Hawaii's famous flower leis.

Hawaii's Tropic Birds --- Hawaii's White-tailed Tropicbird
Hawaii-- The history and habits of the Hawaiian birds.

Hawaiian Glossary - Dictionary --- More Hawaiian Glossary - Dictionary
Hawaii-- A brief lesson in speaking Hawaiian.

Hula - Hawaii's Art and Soul
Hawaii-- The age old Hawaiian tradition of hula dancing. Take a look at this wonderfully written article about Hula, Hawaii's Art and Soul.

'I'iwi -- The Hawaiian Honeycreeper
Hawaii-- The 'i'iwi is one of over fifty species of honeycreepers that are believed to have evolved from a single ancestral species which colonized the islands millions of years ago.

Living History: Ancient Warriors Prepare for Battle --- More Hawaiian Battles
Hawaii-- The Hawaiian weapons used in battle and the battles fought

Living History: 'Awa - the Divine Drink --- Hawaiian Canoe Plants
Hawaii-- An important ritual drink from Polynesia, the awa.

Hawaii History --- History of Hawaii --- More History
A little about Hawaiian history.

Things To Do In Hawaii --- More Things To Do In Hawaii
Hawaii activities, sightseeing and dining


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